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LIVE! – Hopeless Heroic

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LIVE! – Hopeless Heroic

ARTIST: Hopeless Heroic
SUPPORT: Press To Meco!
VENUE, TOWN: The Hydrant, Brighton
DATE: 21st May 2012

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Guitar licks in your face.!

MAIN REVIEW: The prog-rock alternative Press To Meco! from Crawley have you tapping your feet without knowing about it. Their set kicks off with a powerful start, instantly throwing the crowd into the deep-end. It’s clear from the very start that they have good technical abilities on each of their instruments. Particularly impressive, Lewis Williams (Drummer/Backing Vocals) keeps the band locked in tight. The tech influence brings in an interesting dynamic to the band; a contrast to the constant gain/crunchy sounding progressions with some really nice floaty sounding breakdowns.

Celebrating his 22nd birthday Adam Roffey downs a shot on stage as they’re coming towards the end of the set, the crowd cheers for his accomplishment and Luke Caley says, “I have genuinely no idea how Adam is still standing right now!” None of this shows as they jump straight back in for ‘Rational Way,’ which has a ridiculously catchy guitar & bass riff, not only showing off the abilities of both these musicians, but also proves they can Goddamn write! ‘Burning The Reward’ yet another song, proving they are in it for the long hall, boasting powerful guitar riffs and beautiful harmonies. Adam, surprisingly in tune for his level of drunkenness, takes on some vocal with Lewis whilst Luke plays a riff creating a rather nice ominous atmosphere. Both these songs are on their latest release, a self-titled E.P that also includes tracks such as: ‘All The Same’ & ‘Loose Rooms’.

Headlining, Hopeless Heroic have some similar aspects musically to ‘Press To Meco’: the high gain guitars and strong metal riffs. In contrast to Press To Meco, Gavin Bain (vocalist) has a mix between rap and a screamo approach to vocals that reminds you of ‘Linkin Park’. They start off their set with a powerful intro song and instantly throw themselves into the music. A really energetic performance gets the crowd head banging and bouncing along to songs such as ‘Brasco’ & ‘Become The Monster’, both of which can be found on their album titled ‘Become The Monster’. Violin backing tracks brought a new feel to the heavy rock songs giving them more dynamic, making them more memorable than the ones without, which seemed to mesh into one song.
An impressive array of talent is shown, as this band answers back to Press To Meco’s showmanship with some crazy technically ability of their own. Rob Bayley (Bassist) shows off with some smooth under-laying bass tones, and also hits some chords, which you don’t see often! Scott Masson (Lead Guitarist) shows off some of his skills with Slash-like solos and ripping guitar melodies. At one point towards the end of their set, he jumps off the stage onto the dance floor to rip a solo with the fans who are gathered round, cheering him on. It was truly a romantic moment.

LINKS: Official Website // Facebook

– Daniel Elliott.



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