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LIVE! – Hub Festival Day Two

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LIVE! – Hub Festival Day Two

EVENT: Hub Festival Day Two
LINE UP: Funeral For A Friend, Young Guns, The King Blues
VENUE, TOWN: Otterspool Park, Liverpool
DATE: 22nd May 2011

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Hub Festival proves a winner.

MAIN REVIEW: Upon arrival, it is obvious that Hub really is an anomaly in the festival circuit. Half of today’s crowd is comprised of music fans, while the other half is simply families who are searching for a day out and break from watching the Jeremy Kyle Show.

It’s an odd dichotomy, but it helps to generate an excellent atmosphere, which The King Blues take advantage of in their proficient set of catchy punk-rock.

Itch and company may divide opinion after having their sound and ethics questioned last year, yet singles such as ‘Headbutt’ and ‘Save The World, Get The Girl’ are performed with aplomb today.The King Blues enthral their fans while instigating a circle pit that may give nightmares to younger members of the crowd, who may not actually be old enough to count the group’s songs.

Young Guns grace the stage next to a chorus of screams, indicating the band’s meteoric rise since the release of ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’ last year. ‘Crystal Clear’ sounds akin to Lostprophets at their pomp, whereas ‘D.O.A’ boasts a chorus that virtually abducts DJs and commands them to press the play button.

Although Young Guns can seemingly control the crowd’s attention, they can’t control the weather, and Mother Nature certainly seems aggrieved as rain cascades onto the field. Luckily, the rain subsides but the sound quality is frustratingly dampened during the upstarts’ last few tracks.

Funeral For A Friend have certainly played to more energetic crowds than those in front of them today, but it doesn’t stop them from performing with their usual conviction and sincerity.

Matthew Davies-Kreye sounds sublime on the poignant ‘Roses For The Dead’, while ‘Juneau’ wonderfully jolts the audience into life with the effectiveness that commuters only wish a Starbucks cappuccino could provide.

‘Welcome Home Armageddon’ is heavily represented in the set, with ‘Broken Foundation’ and ‘Front Row Seats To The End of The World’ performed with captivating finesse and aggression.

‘Sixteen’ showcases the band’s melodic side tremendously, before ‘Escape Artists Never Die’ wraps up proceedings in predictable but sentimental fashion.

Funeral For A Friend may not be scaling the charts as they were in 2003, but today they have re-affirmed their sensational return to form.





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