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LIVE! – InMe

February 25, 2012 by  

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LIVE! – InMe

SUPPORT: Lost Alone & Mojo Fury
VENUE, TOWN: Concorde 2, Brighton
DATE: 23rd February 2012

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Uplifting, lyrically sound, progressive metal

MAIN REVIEW: For someone who didn’t know the band before tonight, these guys really won me over! Two songs in I find myself trying to sing along to songs I have never heard before, amongst a crowd of devoted fans who are screaming back their lyrics. And the thing that makes me want to join in even more, is how genuine the band is, particularly lead vocalist and guitarist, Dave McPherson. He confesses that Concorde 2 is one of the band’s favourite venues to perform at and that there is nothing better than performing at a gig where the atmosphere makes it ‘hard to breathe.’

Hailing from Essex, the band formed in 1996 and they have released four studio albums. Their new album ‘The Pride’ is described by McPherson and lead guitarist Gazz Marlow as ‘euphoric, uplifting and very positive.’ ‘A Great Man’ is a particular crowd pleaser which elevates the already electric atmosphere.

What makes the gig is the interaction the band has with their audience. They even oversee the mosh pits, making the crowd split at the front and making sure the calmer ones of the audience stand well back before all hell lets loose. And they have fun on stage and invite everyone else to join in. ‘White Butterfly’ especially invites the crowd to go wild with attempts of crowd surfing and fans, who have followed the band from album to album, singing along with devotion.

And that is what I would say for this band, they are talented and that is why the fans have remained faithful. In their new album, they create soaring melodies which leave an impression on the listener. True, they have taken a more song based approach to the new album as opposed to the darker, heavier metal styled ‘Herald Moth’ but this has only helped to create a positive sound, stylistically similar to previous albums, ‘White Butterfly’ and ‘Daydream Anonymous.’

With their new album currently at #26 in the Official UK Album Charts and with money going to the Alzeimers Society you have no excuse not to buy ‘The Pride’ and help InMe get some well-deserved acknowledgement!

LINKS: Official Website // Facebook

– Jessica Osborne Lax




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