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LIVE! – iTunes Festival

July 5, 2010 by  

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LIVE! – iTunes Festival

EVENT: iTunes Festival
LINE UP: Ozzy Osbourne
VENUE, TOWN: Roundhouse,  Camden, London
DATE: 3rd July 2010

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Makes you wish for 1970s.

MAIN REVIEW: It’s a nice idea, the iTunes Festival. A gig every night, for the whole of July. And tickets are free. Fans can get hold of them via an iTunes application on Facebook. However, right from the starting gun this evening, it’s obvious that the idea has come straight from the top.

Before Ozzy Osbourne limps on stage, the crowd is treated to a bunch of Ozzy tracks over the PA. More raining on the parade than whetting the appetite.

Since Sharon Osbourne – along with Kelly and Jack – are all in the crowd, cameras turn to the back of the auditorium to snap away. And then, it’s announced, “Three minutes until Ozzy’s onstage”. We’ve just got three minutes of iTunes adverts to watch first. Asides from being decidedly odd to show advertisements on a big screen directly before the main performer, it is also a) entirely unnecessary since everyone here already knows about the iTunes Festival, and b) utterly inappropriate since they feature Flo Rida and Mika. The boos can still just be heard as the Prince of Darkness himself wanders onstage. “Wanna get crazy?”

As if we’ve not already fallen hard enough down the rabbit hole.

Osbourne shuffles around the stage, hunched over, sloshing buckets of water over the first row. “He’s just too old!” One fan utters, dispondently shaking his head. Looking back up to the stalls, even Sharon looks bored when she’s not in animated conversation.

Without doubt, the legend that is Ozzy Osbourne still lives, but the essence of heavy metal is far from Roundhouse this evening. Whilst hits such as ‘Mr Crowley’ and ‘Ironman’ still pack an impressive punch, tonight the Prince of Darkness appears little more than part of an elaborate marketing ploy.




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