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LIVE! – Jimmy Eat World

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LIVE! – Jimmy Eat World

ARTIST: Jimmy Eat World
VENUE, TOWN: HMV Forum, London
DATE: 22nd June 2011

FIVE WORD REVIEW: JEW roll back the years.

MAIN REVIEW: In 1999, Jimmy Eat World released ‘Clarity’ to a subdued commercial reaction, and while it didn’t take over the world’s radio stations it was warmly welcomed in the hearts of music fans worldwide.

The album was the source of inspiration for thousands of bands across the globe, garnering the level of worship that is ordinarily reserved for gods and Chuck Norris.

‘Clarity’s’ follow-up, ‘Bleed American’, then heralded the band’s mainstream breakthrough and saw their career reach unprecedented heights and tonight Jimmy Eat World will perform both records in their entirety in a concert that sold out in a remarkable ten minutes.

Such is the gracefulness of ‘Clarity’, the band’s first few songs leave the crowd gasping in awe. ‘Table For Glasses’ is simply majestic, featuring sumptuous melodies that are delivered with flawless conviction by lead vocalist Jim Adkins, before ‘Lucky Denver Mint’ invokes spine-tingling sing-alongs.

Tonight’s show also illustrates the inimitable flow of the record, as ‘Crush’ raises the tempo with a flurry of punk-orientated riffs and sees the audience reactions reach a new echelon of hysteria.

Then, the beatifically melodic trifecta of ‘Ten’, ‘Just Watch The Fireworks’ and ‘For Me This Is Heaven’ provides what can only be described as a life-affirming experience. Jim Adkins hits every single note perfectly and the unadulterated emotion contained in the voices of the crowd is truly astonishing.

Once the final echoes of “can you still feel the last goodnight?” finish reverberating throughout the venue, ‘Blister’ triggers a mass surge of bodies to the barrier, inciting an outpouring of energy that the band appears genuinely humbled by.

After ‘Goodbye Sky Harbour’ gloriously wraps up the first portion of tonight’s show, the band return with ‘Bleed American’, harbouring no signs of fatigue nor an absence of enthusiasm.

‘A Praise Chorus’ continues to maintain the joyous atmosphere and even ‘The Middle’ and ‘Sweetness’ do not prompt the usual obnoxious behaviour because no one tonight is here to solely hear the singles, which is what helps make tonight’s show so unique.

‘Hear You Me’ as well as ‘If You Don’t, Don’t’ are performed idyllically, while the uncharacteristically rambunctious ‘Get It Faster’ is played with palpable aggression and intensity.

After ‘My Sundown’ brings the multi-million selling record to a close, the occupants of the HMV Forum are soon licking their lips for more. Thankfully, Jimmy Eat World oblige with a four-song dessert that includes an unforgettable rendition of ’23’ ahead of tonight’s triumphant set closer ‘Pain’.

With a staggering 28-song set, Jimmy Eat World offered the greatest imaginable gift to their long-time fans tonight.






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