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LIVE! Juan Zelada

May 2, 2012 by  

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LIVE! Juan Zelada

ARTIST: Juan Zelada
SUPPORT: Rachel Hawker
VENUE, TOWN: Komedia, Brighton
DATE: 29 April 2012

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Hangover Sunday and Spanish zest

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MAIN REVIEW: Tonight at the Komedia there’s a surprisingly mature audience. After all, Juan Zelada is a young singer whose song ‘Breakfast in Spitalfields’ became a record of the week on BBC Radio 2 three times.

First up, supporting tonight, Rachel Hawker presents mostly her own work, demonstrating her amazing strong voice. Including covers of The Jackson Five and En Vogue, the crowd simply can’t help but dance.

When Juan Zelada finally comes on stage, he instantly wins the crowd over with his Spanish charisma and zest. Apparently, Juan was able to make people sing along to his tunes in the restaurant where he used to play piano. Manager Adam Low recognized his talents, quit the restaurant and started working with him.

Even though Juan and his band have been playing for 26 days straight, they still manage to entertain the audience at their last gig of the tour. The singer calls the night a Hangover Sunday and adds that he definitely feels like that after a long tour. Spanish-born Juan has so much energy that it instantly fills the room and you just have to dance – despite any hangovers! Women are cheering, and the audience suddenly takes on a much more youthful vibe.

Playing songs from his upbeat debut album ‘High Ceilings & Collarbones’, Juan asks people to sing along, yet his vibrant moves and adorable accent do the job even if you don’t know the lyrics. When he plays a Spanish song, it’s clear that most of the crowd regret not knowing a single word from such a beautiful language.

Juan Zelada promised to have good times on his ‘The Good Times tour’. And we certainly have.

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– Diana Madej



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