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LIVE! – Kerrang Relentless Tour

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LIVE! – Kerrang Relentless Tour

ARTIST: Kerrang Relentless Tour
SUPPORT: Good Charlotte, Four Year Strong, Framing Hanley, The Wonder Years
VENUE, TOWN: Leeds 02 Academy, Leeds
DATE: 11th February 2010

FIVE WORD REVIEW: The Wonder Years rule Leeds!

MAIN REVIEW: Kerrang’s annual four-band extravaganza has now become a permanent fixture for the magazine’s avid fanbase, with each year providing an eclectic selection of acts. This year’s iteration sees pop-punk veterans Good Charlotte headline, while support is supplied by catchy riff merchants Four Year Strong, Nashville’s Framing Hanley and The Wonder Years.
Opening this show would submerge many bands into a state of nervousness, though The Wonder Years perform their cerebral pop-punk in a polished and determined fashion. ‘Logan Circle’ opens the set and succeeds in vitalising the crowd, before tracks such as ‘My Last Semester’ and ‘Melrose Diner’ exhilarate the band’s devoted followers.

In fact, even the youngest of Good Charlotte fans appear to be impressed by Dan Campbell’s emotive vocal delivery, which only enhances the group’s accomplished musicianship. The Wonder Years’ fans would certainly rather see them in a more intimate environment, yet they truly make the Leeds Academy stage their own.

If the Wonder Years embodied the buoyant feel of a birthday party, Framing Hanley are symbolic of a funeral, as their insipid alternative rock fails to retain the same atmosphere. Each track is performed competently, but their set just meanders without conviction and the band seem more concerned with posturing than inducing any sense of excitement.

Thankfully, Four Year Strong’s technical pop-punk follows by electrifying the venue with an abundance of circle-pits and sing-a-longs. ‘On A Saturday’, ‘One Step At A Time’ and a select few others are aired from their latest opus ‘Enemy of the World’, however their set time of 30 minutes seems devastatingly brief. For the time they are allotted, Alan Day and Dan O’Connor synergise their vocals in remarkable fashion without missing a note on their guitars. It is just unfortunate that their performance could not be more extensive.

Good Charlotte were quite a surprising choice of headliner for many people, as they’ve danced between the parameters of credibility and disdain throughout their careers. Although, this would never be assumed from the reaction Joel Madden and company gain from their Leeds faithful.

‘The Anthem’, ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ are included in the outfit’s hit-laden set, which unfortunately does not offer the same energy that has made their peers in New Found Glory such a reputable live act. Nonetheless, tonight’s young audience do not seem to mind, as they’re transported back to 2002 for an hour.

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