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LIVE! – Mayday Parade

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LIVE! – Mayday Parade

ARTIST: Mayday Parade
SUPPORT: The Maine
VENUE, TOWN: Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds
DATE: 5th October 2010

FIVE WORD REVIEW: The American takeover of Leeds

MAIN REVIEW: Tonight sees American pop-punk takeover the Leeds Metropolitan University venue, as The Maine and Mayday Parade join forces in a two-band show that attracts a truly staggering amount of fans, who are eagerly awaiting the appearance of their heroes from across the Atlantic.

The Maine open with the most nauseating stage banter in the history of live music; who wants to witness a man tell an audience of 13 year olds that he wants to have sex with all of them? No one! It is probable that 65 per cent of tonight’s spectators only learned the complete alphabet yesterday, yet vocalist John O’Callaghan is uttering enough obscenities and sexual innuendos to make Russell Brand blush.

Despite their horrendously risque speeches, The Maine offer a competent musical performance that almost masks the monotonous nature of their output. Tracks from both `Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ and the recently released `Black and White’ feature prominently in their set, but while certain tracks are impressive, The Maine ultimately appear to be the collective personification of mediocrity.

Mayday Parade may also be filed under the pop-punk category, though they are vastly superior to their support act tonight. `Walk On Water Or Drown’ is an excellent opener and regardless of the questionable vocal performance of singer Derek Sanders, the crowd are unbelievably buoyant.

Thankfully, Mayday Parade’s performance improves vocally as well as instrumentally, especially during the title track of their latest album `Anywhere But Here’. However, the crowd are evidently at their most fervent for material from 2007’s `A Lesson In Romantics’. `Jersey’ and `Black Cat’ whip the audience into an frenzy of flailing bodies, before set closer `Jamie All Over’ prompts mass sing-a-longs, concluding the night in triumphant style.





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