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LIVE – Nate Campany

May 30, 2009 by  

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LIVE – Nate Campany

Nate Campany @ 333 Motherbar, London, 29/05/09

Nate made it clear from the beginning that were we to see him in his hometown of Brooklyn, or even on his native side of the Atlantic, we could have experienced him fronting a ten piece band. So it was going to be anything but a rehash of recordings when he took to the stage with just his acoustic for company.

In a way it was a privilege to witness someone who fronts such a large group of musicians reduced to himself and his guitar. Nate seemed almost lonely as a small but growing audience all pensively shied away to the walls and corners of the venue. The venue seemed more like a house (ignoring the bar), with a fireplace behind the vacant drum kit awaiting bands succeeding Nate and a chandelier dangling uselessly in the light of early evening.

But this complimented the intimacy of Nate’s solo set perfectly. Plucking his guitar gently with evening sun still seeping through the windows, Nate delivered a soft, cool set. His voice complimented his guitar as he drifted through innocent sounding songs. The lucky audience was even privy to a song Nate had written during his tour of England, with an appropriate London theme. Singing about the very city rushing past right outside the window, Nate’s had the audience in a soft grip which didn’t let up until the set ended.

Nate’s music is simple enough with a horde of musicians behind him, but playing alone really proved his mastery of simplicity, often the hardest thing to master in music.

– Adam Stone



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