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LIVE! – Not Advised

August 16, 2010 by  

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LIVE! – Not Advised

ARTIST: Not Advised
SUPPORT: They Sink Ships, Volume Zero, The Cape Race, MiMi Soya
VENUE, TOWN: Sheffield 02 Academy 2, Sheffield
DATE: 15th August 2010

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Pop-punk purveyors impress in Sheffield.

MAIN REVIEW: Female fronted, Brighton pop-punkers, MiMi Soya, open with a conflicting set that impresses younger members of the audience. Led by a red-haired songstress and armed with exuberant pop energy, the band are almost baiting Paramore comparisons. However, the inconsistency of their material ensures that work is required before they can be evaluated in the same breath as Hayley Williams and co.

Manchester quintet, The Cape Race, perform next and offer thirty minutes of ponderous alternative rock. Musically, the band play with obvious professionalism, but their style seems misplaced alongside tonight’s other acts and adversely alters the gig’s atmosphere.

Resembling MiMi Soya, local rockers, Volume Zero also lay host to a female vocalist, yet their unremarkable performance means the connection ends there. Volume Zero’s display is torrentially painful to observe. Their set is completely incoherent, which is symptomatic of a band that hasn’t found a musical speciality. They even manage to cover a cover, as they proceed to play Framing Hanley’s version of `Lollipop’ by Lil’ Wayne.

London’s They Sink Ships are tonight’s main support act, and they immediately impress with their invigorating pop-rock. Within minutes of their set, it’s visible that there is a distinguished gulf in quality between them and the rest of the undercard. The room dutifully reacts to their efforts in the shape of jumping and hand-claps; features that have been, so far, sorely missing from tonight’s event. Thanks to They Sink Ships, the atmosphere that MiMi Soya engineered appears to be surpassed and the crowd are truly enticed as they await Not Advised.

Due to a vocal impairment, Not Advised are without their singer, Jim, tonight. Consequently, the band’s guitarist Ash is deputising for him, displaying respectable resolve. Many bands would have withdrawn from a tour after losing their singer, though Not Advised’s decision to play these dates is emblematic of their integrity.

Even despite Jim’s absence, Not Advised are excellent. Their incredible E.P, ` After The Fight’ is honoured successfully, with `Right Now ‘electrifying the occupants of Academy 2. Additionally, the dual vocals of `A Red Light Situation’ prove to be far from problematic for the band’s makeshift formation. The atmosphere that warmed They Sink Ships has been eclipsed, as each track is met by enthusiastic singing from the youthful Sheffield audience, signifying that these Southampton boys are in for a bright future.

Tonight reflects that Not Advised will soon be the flag-bearers of British pop-punk, and even vocal injuries cannot stifle their ascent.


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