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LIVE! Rival Sons

September 26, 2012 by  

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LIVE! Rival Sons

ARTIST: Rival Sons
SUPPORT: Pint Size Heros
VENUE, TOWN: Concorde2, Brighton
DATE: 21st September 2012
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Walking into Concorde 2 having missed the first number of support act Pint Size Heros set, the Friday night crowd is surprisingly sparse compared to usual. Although the energetic band doesn’t seem to notice and blast through their set as if it’s a full house. Their catchy songs are a nice warm up show for headline act Rival Sons.

After the support leave the stage there is a good 30 minute wait before Rival Sons take the stage during which the venue steadily fills up, not quite to capacity but a good effort for a band that hasn’t played this venue or town before.

As the band walk on stage it’s obvious they have their visual act perfected – their stage robes (striped trousers, mirrored aviators and thick patchwork jackets) are too cool for school! The 4 piece crank into their first song and despite high expectations and a very high collective musical talent especially from lead singer Jay Buchanan, it does feel as though the song itself lacking somewhat for an opening number.

However by song three the band are swinging and the energy level is in overdrive. As their set progresses their early 70’s hard rock feel keeps the crowd pumped up all the way ’til they bring things down a little with a couple of slower but still very bluesy numbers.

Overall they bring a welcome change to what has become a somewhat very over-produced rock market but it remains to be seen if they can produce the break through song that they will inevitably need.

– JM



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