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LIVE! – Rooster

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LIVE! – Rooster

Headliner: Rooster
Location: Astoria, London
Support: Famous Last Words
Date: Tuesday 26th April 2005
Rating: 2/5

It’s impossible not to notice that a good 95% of tonight’s crowd is female. Dressed from head to toe in ra-ra skirts, H&M multi-layered tops, Converse Allstars and pinned-up quiffs, it’d be no suprise if a large majority of tonight’s audience had got ready for this gig in one giant communal teenage changing room. Supporting tonight, The Famous Last Words put on an admirable performance of their hook-laden Pop-Punk, sending excited pubescents into reams of squealing joy. Being easily pleased doesn’t come into it – The Famous Last Words are genuinely catchy, and the eager reception they got only weighs in their favour.

As the sold-out Astoria heaves with beaded jewellery and hairspray, Rooster finally stalk onstage to ear-splitting screams. All floppy hair and denim, the four-piece storm through tracks from their debut self-titled album, with a predictable sea of waving arms at their feet. Unfortunately, however, that is all. Whilst Rooster had a head start with a heap of good music, and the rare bonus that they can actually play their instruments, they appear clueless in putting on a good show. Whether it’s faux-attitude or just a general miserable manner, the band plough through three tracks before addressing the crowd, and then look thoroughly pissed off for the rest of the set.

As the opening riff of Free’s ‘Alright Now’ rattled throughout the venue – oblivious to many – things were looking up. However, instead of what would’ve been a fun cover version, Rooster quickly launch into ‘Standing In Line’, before reverting to the chorus of ‘Alright Now’ at the end of the song. For a band trying to step away from posterboy Pop-Rock, tonight hasn’t done Rooster any favours. As love-struck schoolgirls waved sheets of paper and threw notes onstage with messages for vocalist Nick Atkinson, he screwed them up and tossed them aside without a second glance. ‘Come Get Some’ closed the set with Atkinson gyrating and frolicking across the stage, teasing the mass of screeching hormones with his unbuttoned shirt. With a little fine tuning, Rooster could put a staggering performance yet tonight proved to be all attitude and not much of a show to back it up with. Rooster: what a bunch of a cocks.

 – RED



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