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LIVE! Sound of Guns

March 26, 2012 by  

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LIVE! Sound of Guns

ARTIST: Sound of Guns
SUPPORT: Psycho Babble and Two Choices
VENUE, TOWN: The Hydrant, Brighton
DATE:23rd March 2012

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Skinnies, guitars and laddish banter!

MAIN REVIEW: Hailing from Liverpool, Sound of Guns do not follow the typical mould associated with music from their home town and it’s their unashamedly in your face attitude that makes them so appealing. Reported as workaholics, their riotous performance style comes across as fun but passionate. They have been active in festivals, appearing at Glastonbury and main stage at Latitude Festival but it’s at an intimate venue like The Hydrant where their rough and ready playfulness shines.

The audience is pretty sparse at the beginning of the night, Psycho Babble are an eclectic group of young and old and put on an average performance, with a confusing mix of heavy rock with an almost country and western style twinge. Two Choices are much more entertaining and (apart from some dodgy dance moves from lead singer Ash Plank) their set is good. ‘Fade Away’ and ‘Bring Me Life’ definitely have potential to elevate the Brighton band further.

Sounds of Guns definitely bring a home crowd down with them tonight, with lots of members of the audience singing back their lyrics devotedly and this makes the band really fun and interactive. Lead singer Andy Metcalfe is not shy in coming into the crowd to share a drink with people and letting them have their turn on the mike. One thing that really comes across from the five piece is their raw energy, complete with skinny jeans and leather jackets they do look like they’re a bunch of friends having fun with instruments. However the music is not amateurish, new single ‘Sometimes’ is a hit with their well-known anthemic power chords and rowdy vocals forcing you to join in with the mayhem.

If you like Foo Fighters or The Drums then definitely check them out; both bands have had an influence on Sounds of Guns and it works really well. On a mission to step out from the background and into the limelight the band are on an epic European tour, heading back to England for a live performance in London and Liverpool mid-April. Their new album ‘Angels and Enemies’ is out now and available for preview on their site. Zane Lowe declared their last single ‘Elementary of Youth’ as one of his ‘hottest records in the world’. These boys are going from strength to strength and with an energetic and outlandish performance like tonight, I think they have much more to give.

LINKS: Official Website // Facebook

– Jessica Osborne Lax

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