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LIVE! – The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77

March 24, 2010 by  

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LIVE! – The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77

ARTIST: The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77.
SUPPORT: Does It Offend You Yeah!, Herve, Kissy Sellout.
VENUE, TOWN: Coronet Theatre, Elephant and Castle, London.
DATE: 19 March 2010

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Highly fervent limb jerking awesomeness!

MAIN REVIEW: Waiting outside the Coronet theater at about 10:30 on a rather cold night in a queue of impatient party goers that stretched at least 100 yards around the building the answer to my question: “so how popular are the black Venom masked trio around here anyway”? was all of a sudden very apparent: quite popular indeed.

The bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 (Bobby Riffo and Tommy Tea) as they have now named them selves since the inclusion of their Drummer (Edward Grinch) for their live show were headlining tonight.

Many people like to call the Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77’s music intense, and intense as far as understatements go would be one way to define one of their limb shuddering, just the right side of chaotic signature songs such as Cornelius, Butter or Warp 1.9. All taken into a live context how ever, with a crowd full of hyped up party goers looking for any excuse to let loose and go wild The bloody Beetroots (when firing on all cylinders) set the place on fire. Their manic limb jerking and high octane sound was kicked into life by their opening track ‘Domino’ that instantly roused the whole place into an absolute frenzy. There were moments in their dJ set styled continuous performance however when things did slow down a bit. As an attempt to build up the tension and excitement of the fans I can understand the necessity for a break down every so often that builds back up to a crescendo, especially given the approach they had for the show. The problem was that the slower elements seemed to go on for slightly too long making the set feel slightly miss paced an uneven in parts. The overly elongated break downs and major technical fault half way through the gig still did little to mar the overall riotous amount of fun I had though.

The Bloody Beetroots have a unique energy and anarchic manner that they bring to every thing that they do. Having created their unique style by transferring elements from their punk rock roots to dance music, the trio have now managed to successfully combine their sound with various live instrumentation. From reaching out to the crowd to showering them with what ever it was that they were drinking and thrusting their bodies into all kinds of contortions the almost constantly silhouetted men in masks put on a performance none of the like I have ever seen from any other dance/electronica act before.

If you like your electronica with a dash of punk rock intensity then you should definitely check these guys out!

LINKS: Official Website // MySpace

– Cullan N Nhara.



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