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LIVE! – The Gaslight Anthem

November 21, 2010 by  

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LIVE! – The Gaslight Anthem

ARTIST: The Gaslight Anthem
SUPPORT: Chuck Ragan
VENUE, TOWN: Rock City, Nottingham
DATE: 16th November 2010

FIVE WORD REVIEW: ‘Rockingham’ welcomes American rock masters.

MAIN REVIEW: Nottingham Rock City is host to an extremely diverse crowd tonight. Within the confines of its four walls, there appears to be a equal divide between grandfathers and students, which truly demonstrates the pervasive appeal of The Gaslight Anthem.

Chuck Ragan appears to revel when playing to his varied audience, as his optimistic folk-rock gains a warm reception from a vast proportion of onlookers. There is nothing superficial about Ragan’s spirited folk music, and cynical music fans may point to a lack of innovation but there is no doubt that every song is performed with admirable gusto and prowess.

In the intermission before the headliners, it is evident that the senior members of tonight’s audience are not willing to tolerate rapid Sonic-esque scurries to the barrier. Admittedly, people charging through congested crowds can be agitating for gig attendees, but it is unbelievably agitating when a fifty year old man informs me not to move from my position behind the world’s most obstructive pillar.

Irrespectively, The Gaslight Anthem arrive on stage and conjure up a set that oozes professionalism from every guitar string, drum and microphone. Latest album, ‘American Slang’ is heavily featured in the set, with tracks such as ‘The Spirit of Jazz’ and ‘Boxer’ exhilarating all of those in attendance.

Front man, Brian Fallon, looks absolutely enthralled to be on the stage and each song is played with a refreshing humility that has helped to ensure the band’s mainstream success in Britain.

The only drawback of the band’s set is that the mixed demographic within the venue causes a noticeably anxious atmosphere. On a few occasions, younger members of the audience are pulled from their positions by older fans and those that are passionately singing at the front seem to be frowned upon by others.
However, this does not stop The Gaslight Anthem from continuing their commendable performance, which later includes rare airings of ‘Wooderson’ and the majestic ‘1930’ from the band’s debut album ‘Sink Or Swim’.

‘Backseat’ closes tonight’s gig in style, and while their fame may have attracted a new legion of inconsiderate followers, The Gaslight Anthem have proved tonight that their reputation as a great live act cannot be questioned.

LINK: http://www.myspace.com/thegaslightanthem




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