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LIVE! – The Hell On Earth Tour

September 28, 2010 by  

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LIVE! – The Hell On Earth Tour

EVENT: The Hell On Earth Tour
LINE UP: Every Time I Die, Terror, All Shall Perish, The Acacia Strain, Down To Nothing, Most Precious Blood
VENUE, TOWN: Corporation, Sheffield
DATE: 24th September 2010

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Hell On Earth welcomes moshing.

MAIN REVIEW: Tours featuring a multitude of celebrated hardcore and metal acts now seem to be customary events on the calendar of self-respecting British hardcore kid.

For the last few years, the Never Say Die! Tour has been rampant over the UK’s gig venues, while bands such as Parkway Drive recruit a stellar selection of accompanying riff merchants whenever they visit our shores. In fact, the United Kingdom has been blessed with copious amounts of destructive breakdowns and vicarious double-bass drumming, and we’re fortunate enough to observe some of hardcore and metal’s elite lay waste to Sheffield during this year’s Hell On Earth Tour.

After Northern Rail re-affirmed its reputation as the country’s most unpunctual rail network, I was forced into missing sets from Most Precious Blood and Down To Nothing.

However, upon my arrival, I witness an unrepentantly heavy set from The Acacia Strain, who focus primarily on their latest release, ‘Wormwood’, while suffocating watchers with an audible chokehold of macabre death metal and incomprehensibly heavy hardcore.

All Shall Perish are a vaguely similar proposition to their predecessors tonight, but that certainly doesn’t cause any monotony for the venue’s bustling crowd, as they embrace the band’s technically adept death-core. Although, All Shall Perish lack the necessary stage presence that would transform their set from satisfactory to excellent.

Tonight’s sub-headliners, Terror, are entirely disparate to The Acacia Strain and All Shall Perish, yet it’s a testament to the diversity of tonight’s bill that they garner a buoyant reception from their fervent onlookers. Furthermore, Terror’s anthemic hardcore elicits the most energetic stage performance of the night, which sees numerous crowd members ascend onto the stage for a chance to interact with the Californians. As a result, front man, Scott Vogel, shares vocal duties with his fan base for a large proportion of Terror’s set. Their set is a magnificent spectacle, and when tracks such as `Keepers of the Faith’ display such electrifying intensity, you cannot help but be impressed.

Every Time I Die have now become a hardcore institution, and their frenzied set opener, `No Son of Mine’ manages to placate any individuals who were frustrated at their late stage arrival. `Ebolarama’ and `The Marvellous Slut’ follow with similar aplomb, enabling Keith Buckley to traverse the stage with venomous composure. Whereas, `Floater’ marks the highlight of the night, as Every Time I Die tear through the track with the same conviction and belligerence that made the track indispensible back in 2003. Tonight, Every Time I Die confirm themselves as frontrunners of the hardcore genre.


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